Klaari Helsinki

Klaari Helsinki – Youth’s Substance Abuse Prevention Based on Community Networks

Klaari Helsinki is the City of Helsinki’s unit for coordinating and developing substance abuse prevention work among children and young people. Klaari Helsinki carries out multidisciplinary substance abuse prevention work for children and young people in cooperation with various organisations, the police, parishes and other City of Helsinki departments – the very parties who work with children, young people and families. From an administrative standpoint, Klaari is part of the City of Helsinki Youth Department.

What we do?

  1. Supports the substance abuse prevention work of parties that work with children and young people in a locally responsible manner
  2. Facilitates, develops and supports the operations of local networks
  3. Provides information and training on substance abuse prevention for those working with children and young people

Klaari’s vision

The seamless cooperation of the various parties that work with children and young people can push back the age at which children and young people try out and take up the use of intoxicants, and promotes the well-being of children and young people. All adults should have the responsibility and courage to prevent minors from using intoxicants.

Who we are?

The staff of Klaari Helsinki consists of seven Local Klaari Coordinators, a Lead Klaari Coordinator, a Planner, a Swedish-language Operations Planner and the Managing Director. Helsinki is divided into seven districts, approx. 100.000 inhabitants each, with a coordinator facilitating and coordinating local substance abuse prevention work. Our employees are experts in their respective fields, who understand the multifaceted nature of substance abuse prevention, operate fluently in various networks and have extensive experience with work related to the well-being of children, young people and families.

More material:

What is youth substance abuse education? Preventiimi, 2010.